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i like this bizarre stuff

This game made me feel filthy from just playing it, which is quite the accomplishment. I found the game's weirdness and old-school style very interesting, which made it enjoyable. All in all, I thought that this was a good take on a horror game that focuses more on being unsettling then scary.

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I laughed, I learned to love, I processed grief (for the lose a cowboy) but my best experience was remembering the good ol' N64 days. Thank you for creepy trip down memory lane.

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Big bug: I felt lazy and let the lady push me all the way to the door in the beginning. And then she pushed me through the wall and I fell into oblivion. A skip button would have been appreciated for the intro, but I guess I'll go through it again. The game seems to be worth it :)

Yup, it was worth it. Thanks for making this game!


As if job hunting wasn't anxiety-inducing enough!

This is a very interesting game, almost entirely by virtue of how extremely bizarre and off-puttingly old school it is aesthetically. All of that, I love.

I do, however, have mixed feelings on the multiple endings. It's nice they're there, and it is fun to see the ending change somewhat depending on who yo do and don't save, but they really aren't that differeny from eachoter. And with all the game brags about your choices mattering, the only major one seems to be wether or not you kill the cowboy, which just leave the rest inconsequential, even though they still work in building tension. It just made replays slightly less interesting.

Still, this is a unique and bizarre experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Great job.


Really like how the ending chages based on the people you killed. Also its pretty cool how the interview make a total U turn haha. GG.


Exciting game


this game really creeped me out but i enjoyed playing it on my channel. i hope yall enjoy watching it!

I Think the game was great!! It was weird and all... but it was also kind of smart. i honestly enjoyed my playthrough and i would like to see you make more absurd and weird games like this!! idk why but this game reminds me of some puppet combo games. Waiting on your next game, keep up the good work!!
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nice one dude, i tried to kill Stain on the podium but didnt work on my play through. Nice job getting a B ending I got C twice and a A in the end.

If you are interested in joining the speedrunning community discord I have made one and you can join here


I really loved this. Awesome pow-poly graphics, so much dark and sarcastic humor, creepy vibes, obscene imagery, this game has it all! I tried to get as many endings as I could, but didn't really find too many differences between them. Regardless, I really enjoyed playing this!

This game was so confusing! I was having a crap day and needed to get a video done but this game certainly turned it around for me!

Please make more games. I'll pay you.

I've got one coming in about two weeks and It'll be a free one ;)

M.Stain is one of the reasons you thank the indie scene for existing. I love games with style and character, and this game has both in spades. While the experience is brief, you feel like you were just just on a grand, strange adventure through the big city. One moment you’re trying to figure out what to do with a coin you found on the street, and the next you’re witnessing a human sacrifice. The game throws multiple choices at you along the way, and offers multiple endings to discover. Highly recommended. 


Wow. That makes me feel like I done good. Thank you.


When I start up the exe file, it plays the static for about a second, then crashes. can anyone help?


also i am running windows 7 32 bit.

There is something up with the 32 bit version and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Sorry.

I think im the first person to speedrun this game, I like it alot, good job!


Weird and a bit risque - I loved it! 


Very strange game, got all '3' endings, though it feels like there could be so many more, I in particular got what would feel like a 4th ending with '2 ghosts in the Taxi' at the end, but, it was labelled the same as C ending, oh well 

Important question. Is it M. Stain, or M.Stain? Gamejolt its the prior,, its listed as the latter. This inconsistency is rubbing me the wrong way, agh, cmon.




THIS GAME WAS AWESOME! Personally it makes me feel kinda 'weirded' out and spooked out at times. The game was cool and yeah, thanks dev!

Will they release a Spanish version?

I'd like to when I get some time freed up.

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I really liked the game and loved the style even though the bartender was creepy. Also M.Stain looked like Mr.Burns hahaha.I hope you enjoyed my gameplay also would love to see a continuation of the story.

Oh my gosh, I LOVED this game. It had just the right amount of unnerving to it, and the atmosphere was top-notch. After playing it I just want more !!


I really enjoy this game! Hope there's a part 2


Rumours persist he is still out there.


Loved M. Stain, looking forward to more!


so he's still alive?

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Hello. I want to test this game on XP SP3, is't working. Please, make a new update (compilation) for Old OS

I intend to look into this further. However, from what I gather newer versions of Unity seem to have dropped support for XP. I will see what I can do.


Great game, really enjoyed the different areas and the choices on offer. 

PROS: David Lynch style aesthetic, some bizarre and truly surreal characters and areas on display here...

Choices - Not sure if picking the chair had any outcome, but the amount of choices immersed me in a way that other indie games hasn't recently.

Story - wanted to find out more about M.Stain and his employees; any chance of a sequel?


I glitched/clipped through Stain's wall and had to restart the game

Would have liked more moralistic choices for end game ranking. Appears that who you kill is the difference between A rank and B rank?

Some of the icons for picking up items seemed a little rudimentary.

Other than that, a great experience!


This will be a classic


This comment gives me a special feeling.

Keeps crashing every time I click on the exe.

Intersting. First time I've encountered this. What are you running it on?


I'll look into this further. Thank you for letting me know. I have no idea what I'm doing but I'll try to figure it out if I can.


This was a weirdly interesting game 😂 starts @7:01

Thanks for checking it out!


Love it! I played through just once so far but can't wait to go back and play again! The music was awesome, and I loved the lighting vibes. Had so much fun!


This was a great pleasure to play WOW creative and well made. I loved the gameplay style and the look of it. Hope to see more of this from you peeps and can't wait to see more. 


Enjoyed the video. Loved the Mystery Science Theatre vibe it had. Cheers!


Thanks and happy you liked it. Until the next game 


Was a very fun game to watch and play, I hope you do more in the future, well done!


This was the most unique and bizarre game I have ever played! Great job man, cant wait to see what you make in the future! :)


Thanks that means alot!


:D NOW MAKE BAD :D ...i have look secret this game lol


Really creepy, loved the design of everything, and was totally worth getting all of the endings via little differences in how you play the game.

Thank you for playing and also spotting that bug where you clipped through the wall. Apologies for the inconvenience. It will be fixed. The bartender will have a free beverage for you on your next visit.


Had a ton of fun with M. Stain! I only got one ending but can't wait to go back in and try to get the rest! 

Glad you enjoyed it. If you play again have a quarter for the bartender ;) Thanks for playing!



Thank you! Enjoyed your video!


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