A downloadable game for Windows

Always wanted that great job in the big city? Looking for the opportunity of a lifetime? Right this way. M. Stain has a position with your name on it. 

WARNING: This game contains low poly nudity, gore, and suggestive situations.

Journey into a nightmarish world of bizzare people and twisted locales as you unravel the mystery of eccentric business tycoon M.Stain's true nature.  Can you get the job? Can you even survive?

There are three unique endings and branching story paths. Make your choices carefully and be careful who you trust.

Estimated playtime: 20 minutes


wasd - walk

look - mouse

shift - run

interact  - space/left click

This project was created in 6 weeks as a break from a larger work in progress. It is the first game I've released.  Thank you for checking it out.

7/20/20 UPDATE - Minor bugs fixed.
7/30/20 UPDATE - Minor spelling and grammar corrected.


MSTAINx64_Update2.zip 221 MB
MSTINX32_update2.zip 218 MB


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It's a cool game 10/10

Had an absolute blast playing this!!! I found this game after playing deathflush and was not disappointed in the slightest!!! I was so shocked to find out this was your first game, I look forward to all to all your future releases,

it was amazing !!! i loved it <3

That was pretty great and bizarre. Loved it.



By far one of the strangest games I’ve ever played lol great job though I really really enjoyed my time playing it


Do you want to get a good job? Contact M. Stein. Impressions after passing a wonderful demo are only positive. Voice acting, soundtracks at a high level. I liked most of all the face of the bartender who offers a drink. Overall 9/10.
Play in Russian


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Nice game, but i have a problem

Game crashes sometimes, in the introductory video with the developer's logo and on the TV, where i should dropped a dollar

conf win 7 pro x64 - gtx 1050 - i5 2400

Faulting Application Name: MSTAIN.exe, Version: 2019.1.11.29, Timestamp: 0x5d2858d6
Faulting module name: UnityPlayer.dll, version: 2019.1.11.29, time stamp 0x5d285a81
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Error offset: 0x000000000122c995
Faulting Process ID: 0x12b4
Faulting application start time: 0x01d6929f02308422
Faulting application path: C: \ Users \ *** \ Desktop \ MSTAINx64_Update2 \ MSTAIN.exe
Faulting module path: C: \ Users \ *** \ Desktop \ MSTAINx64_Update2 \ UnityPlayer.dll
Report code: 44069fba-fe92-11ea-beb5-001a4d4ae63b

Had a great time playing this game.

Love this game! Actually felt like playing a ps1 game. And that dead goat, it actually scared the crap out of me

Super fun

So this game was funny lol come watch i even found a glitch and broke the game at the end of video!

i found a glitch the way the receptionist woman works if you stand in front of her while you go to stain's office in the beginning of the game she'll push  you out of bounds. hope i helped! great game too love the atmosphere!

Very strange but it worked very well! Had a good flow to it as well as an incredible (strange) atmosphere throughout! Made sure to get all the endings too!

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What an incredible game! Love the overall aesthetic and the wacky story. I enjoyed it from start to end.. BIG plus for those multiple endings :D

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Please write system requirements, I can't risk breaking my PC if the game happens to be over-demanding.

Here's a playthrough

The quirky nature of this game makes this so entertaining and fun. I am so darn curious about the origin story of M.stain right now because this is more like the demise of him, when it feels like the back story would be so dripped in weird experiences. Look forward to playing your other game soon!

Another excellent short horror experience. Just as good as Death Flush. Great Job! 

Interesting experience

M stain monster version. in my country is called kuyang. and we love to sell those kidney lol

I really enjoyed this game, it has a lot of funny and dark moments. And a lot of secrets that add a lot of replay value. Heres a video of my first playthrough of the game. Apologizes for my kind of crappy english. 


I enjoyed the game it has replay value. Dark humor. Crazy Cutscenes. Weird twists. Unique and consistent art style. Aesthetic is amazing. Found the game because of Death Flush also a great title. i am a fan and cant wait to see what will follow.

Good Job.

The game was fun! I genuinely enjoyed. The graphics and sound designs were superb. The variation in what is going on is a little lacking. Still, I played the game for 3 times which already says a lot.

lol absolutely crazy game. First one on my video. I'll be doing a video on your toilet game soon lmao.
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This game was a part of a 3 random horror game lets play video.

Your game starts at 22.52

I really enjoyed this game, had a lot of fun playing it.

Hope to see more from you.


Just uploaded the game, was really fun. Might make another video in the future as I only got 1 of the endings. The game has a very fun yet spooky aspect to it. I would highly recommend


I really, really like this game.

This game was the weirdest dream I've ever had

I had so much fun with this game!!

The boss has a problem. He became a monster

Wasn't expecting this job experience to turn out the way it did!

Love the atmosphere! Really creeped me out at times! RIP Cowboy :(

Absolutely fucking loved this man. Is there any way to support you? Cant wait for more stuff from you!!

i like this bizarre stuff

This game made me feel filthy from just playing it, which is quite the accomplishment. I found the game's weirdness and old-school style very interesting, which made it enjoyable. All in all, I thought that this was a good take on a horror game that focuses more on being unsettling then scary.

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