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Loved it! xD

love the game I love these types of games I hope they will release more games soon

Definitely enjoyed this one right here. Yes I had my bible next to me while I was recording lol, but other than that this was a banger. 10/10


This game gave me the chills lol I love the aesthetic of this game and the story. 

M Stain Is CRAZY!

You showed up, dropped two amazing games, and then split? Please come back and make more! You have a singular style-- the dark humor and surreal quirkiness in your work are a breath a fresh air.

So... this was quite the experience. Is this how every real jobin the big city works?~

I got stuck - what do I do at the bar? I got tipsy and I got a dollar

Go to the bathroom and pick up the goat and the keys then go to the vip and next to a phone on the left is a door

love your style man, i hope you make more stuff soon!

I would love to see you come back.

This game was the definition of weird, but sometimes that's a good thing! Had some great scares and really made it feel like you had control over what you could do from really early on, rather than being fully story driven. I'll be going back to get some of the other endings on my own time, awesome job to the team. (M.Stain is second game in video for those curious) 

i loved this game (3rd game) sooo unusual and well made :)

I played the game it was lots of fun and had some good jumpscares!

Amazing Game!




This was delightfully strange. I played it two weeks ago and legitimately think about it every day.

Perfect game i see no flaws loved every moment of the odd world and atmosphere 10/10 game!!!

Thank you for such a great opportunity Mr. M.Stain.

Honestly it's a shame you only get 20 minutes 

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Man this game was all kinds of crazy. I don't even know where to start but overall I had too much fun with this!

Loved this game. i got the cowboys revenge ending.

Quite a roller coaster of emotions. If I were to describe this game in one word it would be: CHAOTIC. 

I played M.Stain recently and gotta say this was something pretty special! You really nailed the dual aesthetics of ps1 horror and David Lynch which I think created something unique, awesome work.


This is one of the top 10 greatest games ever made

Wow! So much to unpack and I only got one ending this time. This was great! Trippy af, funny, creepy. Well done!

This game was definitely a trip!! weird things just kept happening back to back and even though by the end i was confused i still loved the game. great job!

I am still.. just wondering WTF. 
So crazy its good. Loved it. 



i still wanna know what the M stands for... maybe mandarin? or magnetohydrodynamics? both are very plausible.

quirky weird horror game that is definitely worth your time! 

i only got one ending but i would definitely recommend going back into the game and see what different outcomes you can get.

SO CRAZY!!! I really liked

Simply amazing, great job

i played this game on 4:18. hahahha i played death flush, and then play M.stain. there is always surprise about the game. great game i love it !!!

Impostersyndrome may only have 2 games, but I thoroughly enjoy them both. Thought I'd drop this here if anyone wants to check out the game and/or my channel! 

the game is pretty good

i like games with low poly so.

the game experience was good

well if want to watch my video, Here You Go

A really good short experience.

I knew nothing about this game and only looked at the screenshots, but this is a really really good experience.

I highly advise anyone to play this game, or if you do not want to you can check out my video about it!

Now I am excited to check out their other game and the ones which may come later


Cool Game

did you make the music? I wish there was a ost 

yea i was thinking the same thing

This game is cool, definitely reminds me of some kind of old cult b-horror films! Good job!

very very noice 

This game was so much fun! So creepy and bizarre but just genuinely a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it! Highly recommend! 10/10! If you like my video guys, please help me grow by subscribing to my channel! It would mean the world!!! Love you guys xoxo
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