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probably the best low poly horror game i've played!

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cool games like


This felt like playing through an R-rated Courage episode. Atmosphere and eerieness was on point. Very cool!

Great game! Tried to complete all the endings, do they differ in letters at the end of the game?

A really great experience, the best game i've played in a while. Finally a game that prefers quality over quantity.

This game was awesome!! It was so weird and surreal, I laughed as much as I was creeped out!! Great music and soundscape and a fun boss too. I got an A first try!
Here is my gameplay!

I love this game and I would like to volunteer to translate them into Turkish so that my Turkish friends can play them. How can I contact you?

i got a...Nice.

A quirky horror game, with an interesting story.

i got c it was fun and nice fight scene 10/10

good short horror game

How can I sum up my experience ? Just What The Fuck !?

But I loved this game because it's unpredictable from start to end


"Loved playing this, as well as Death Flush. I've been hoping to see more from you the last couple years. Any new projects you're working on? Any other pseudonyms you're under? Thanks for your creative work, it's well enjoyed.

"Would love to see more!" -

This was awesome! Really liked your other game aswell so I had high hopes for this one and it turned out great!

We are considering organizing a support group for families affected by ritual sacrifice in the workplace. ~ Gray🍌

Mi humilde aporte


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This game was weird and kind of gross. But then again, this is from Impostersyndrome, so I'm not too shocked. 7/10.

i keep falling off the map :((


B RANK - COWBOYS REVENGE - crazy, wouldve loved a deeper story in this style.


bro good game make more pleas

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An incredible experience.

Yahoo I got rank A

well you can see in the thumbnail how I'm feeling

This was a very strange one!  Like really freaking strange.  But I love that stuff!  

I cannot open it,why?

so absurd

This game is a BANGER! 
I can't even fathom most of the stuff that happened...

Exquisite Game

It crashes every time i launch it


Please make more games like this. This and Death Flush are genuinely creepy games. They are my favorite games on 


I luv the game style ♥

A bit different o.o

Keep making these games, I have a lot of fun playing them! 


i had so much fun with this game 10/10 the graphics are crystal clear

J aime beaucoup ce genre de jeu !

Tres bonne ambiance et creepy comme on aime

More to this game than I expected. Overall it was a fun game, that took lots of editing for my page. Worth it.

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