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love it but the X axis sensitivity was still too low


I LOVE IT!!! this is what u call a real game on!


werid but funny! That was a good 30-minute adventure.

e estremo


I think this is my favorite indie developer now. I love the style of these games.


I really enjoyed this game :)


Very weird but fun game (spooky too). One second I'm shitting myself, the next I'm laughing at how ridiculous the situation is. Great game overall!


This was truly an amazing and hilarious experience. I absolutely loved it!


I loved this lol. It was scary and funny at the same time, and those the type of games I really enjoy! GJ Dev!


Check this out!

I had such a fun time playing this ;)

I love this.  It's like Resident Evil meets a Death Toilet.

i loved it! thank yeeww


bruh this was so good. i had so much fun playing this

In such a short time, they showed a good story. The graphics and animations of the game are good. The voice acting is generally gorgeous. The only thing that did not please me was the battle at the end with the main villain. She's too buggy.
Play in Russian

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i love this game. Good work ! But what is the name of Ronnie's girlfriend ?

Well... I love it. Some great ideasbut what I loved the most was the weird bathroom-blood-serial killer fest.

It was amazing! The graphic style and the story definitely reminded me of the good ol' slasher movies (nightmare of elm street of course). On top of that, the angles and body animation you used to shoot the cinematic were hilarious! The various places I had to explore were great, and the descent into madness with the flashback were just perfect! That was a great experience! I look forward to see what you guys make in the future!

This was increcibly fun! I never laughed so hard at a horror game!

All the people who say that this game is very good is a bit silly ... PFF IS IMPOSTERSYNDROME IT IS OBVIOUS THAT IT IS GOING TO BE GOOD!

Nach diesem Spiel musst du es erstmal verarbeiten xD

wow creepy

Above Is My Gameplay and Commentary Hope You Enjoy! Subscribe for more

REVIEW: The game Is brilliant loved it from start to finish, great style, a laugh out loud story, good little puzzles, and a decent length to boot about 20 minutes, and of course a lot of great toilet puns as well. The best game I've played on itch for a while great job devs look forward to more.  

I really enjoyed Death Toilet. The gameplay was great and the back story was well done. I really enjoyed the progression of the story as well as the ending. Not to mention, the toilet humor really cracked me up several times.  If you have 30 minutes, you should definitely download Death Toilet and give it a play. Great game!

Nice little Game, but if you use Unity than export also Mac and Linux,please.

Hilarious, Ronnie has no life skills however 😂

I usually never comment videos of my gameplays, but I am a fan of ImposterSyndrome and what he is doing. I loved M.Stain, and I loved this.  It was a VERY ODD game but I think that's part of it's charm, and the puzzle aspect was quite fun! Can't wait to see more of your stuff in the future.


Now this is the type of game I like to play! Great voice acting and fantastic antagonist!

that was so cool!

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I decided to play it in Part 1, then I watched someone play this in Part 2 and didn't have the best criticism for him... Skip to 4:01

Had a great time playing through Death Flush and really enjoyed the mix of toilet humour and spoopy retroness.. not a likely combo but man did you guys pull it off! Honestly, the story seemed kinda vague and random, for example the part where you meet the three guys, attack a dude then suddenly end up in a bathroom. What's going on there? Who even knows anymore! 

On a more serious note, the randomness really complimented the silly humour and made the game an all round enjoyable experience.

My only criticism; the game glitched three times throughout my recording in different places, mainly when using the menus, leading to my mouse disappearing and providing me with no other option than to quit the game and start over. As you can imagine, this got very frustrating. However i fought through it, sucked up the repetition and man was it worth it.

Love the style, adore the humour and can't wait to see more! Games don't need to be serious, just enjoyed.

I really liked your second game! I played the first one too and both are great! I really like the creepy vibe but it's a;so really funny because of the puns hahaha. I hope you like my gameplay! I love the voice acting hahahaha.

In short, I like it :)

Awesome Little horror game. Wouldn't hurt to make a longer sequal! Post on

i found an interesting glitch turning the camera upside down

We were cracking up...

Nice game.cutscenes were good,flashback was awesome in black n white,then doc strawberry at end was a bit unesessary,level designing and art is cool. 9/10

Really liked it! What are those sound effects, I really like them too!


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