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great fear

Absolutely awesome! The puzzles were quite clever and the story was proof that dark humor horror can be a great concept! Thank you and i do hope you check out my video! @Impostersyndrome !

This might be one of my favourite games I have played this year. I will 100% be following and checking out future games!

This gem has been waiting in my backlog folder for months, and on 8/12/22 it was released back on the world.

Full Play No Commentary 

I like the idea of the game, but I really dislike the second part of the battle. 

I tried several times but I cannot figure out where to hit him, it seems really random, and even though I swing at him, there's like a 1 in 10 chance it'll actually hit him.

Also when you die and load the save, you don't get the medkit (even though I'm pretty sure I picked it up), which makes that battle even harder. 

If you can tell me how or where I should be hitting him, or if I have to wait for a specific animation to play, I'll give it another go.

Toilets are now my enemy. I don't use them. The world is my toilet. That being said, great job.

best game ever in the world



That was SO FUN!!!!!! my little boy and i like to pick out several random horror games to play before bed, and this one was a winner!!


It seems like a fun lil game, i just can't play it bc my screen keeps TURNING UPSIDE DOWN?!! Is that supposed to happen or?

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Hi. Developer of "Unhinged". Can you specify the reason behind 2 star rating for my game? I would appreciate if you told me, unless it is just simply giving 2 stars to my game in order to make it look very bad. Thanks. 
Edit: I would appreciate to have response on my game's page. FYI. 


Guess you are one of those trolls, ruining and spamming in other games. Glad to know that. I reported you, by the way. Good luck. 


Not a troll, just didn't like your game and didn't want to see similar recommendations. Sorry you got so mad you had to hunt me down in another dev's comment section tho


Hunt down? So, me asking for an explanation is a hunt down? You know, just saying something is bad does not contribute to anything, why rate the game then? Just makes 0 sense. And I asked you to comment on my page, but you seem cowardly enough to do so. Don't take it personally, but it is my work and I have full right to defend it and ask you about the rating, no matter who you are. 

You calling me "mad" speaks a lot about your personal issues. Sorry. 

I made an account just to reply to this. Dude, so what if someone gave you 2 stars on a game? Do you really need to hunt them down to ANOTHER DEVELOPER'S GAME'S PAGE to harass them about it? You call them a troll and report them because they didn't reply to your harassment quick enough, and then call them cowardly because they didn't do everything to your liking. This is embarrassing, man. No wonder they didn't like your game.

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Hi. Your choice of making an account to just reply to me speaks a lot about your character. First of all, you don't know the whole story so I would suggest to look at things differently. I am not your average ongoing troll and a guy who is hurt. This person, whom I replied to, fairly by the way, rated all of my games, even ones that don't work with 1 ratings and tried to sabotage the overall look of the other games. Please, respectfully, mind your own business. This is not about me not liking someone's opinion. I have had numerous critical reviews of my games done by professionals and ones who told me that my games did not work. I have nothing against that. But giving all my games without a reason a 1/5 is just a troll behavior, which should be announced publicly and shared, because the same can happen to someone else. 
Please understand to research the information first before making an accusation. I am in my rights to defend my work against people, who are bluntly and without reasoning trying to flush it.
And unfortunately,'s report and harassing guidelines don't work in time, the reason why I had to write this on someone else's page. Many other developers had the same problem and prior to that some of the games are removing the ratings, which is wise. I am going to do the same, so that people, who are cowardly and anonymously ranting games will come to light.   
Edit: I wish you good day and welcome to Again, do research before replying to someone. 


I liked your game. The perfect combination of horror and comedy

I will be glad to subscribe to the channel\( ̄︶ ̄*\))

Best Horror game ever

I am now scared of going poop alone. 

very scary!?! im so fraking hard...?


oh man, imposter syndrome did it again. first M.Stain and now this gem?? i want more!!!

even though the game is on the shorter side (20-30 minutes) the storytelling is so good. this game is unpredictable and weird as hell and that's what makes it fun! a true campy horror gem.

Hilarious animations absolutely loved it great job!!!

A very tongue in cheek game which was extremely fun to play through. Only real gripe would be the controls which felt sluggish and inconsistent. Overall I enjoyed the playthrough so well done. :)


L game, boo boo controls, lazy


I signed up just to say i absolutely love your work, and i hope you're able to put games like this on Steam so they'll get TONS of views and the love they deserve! 

Please, please come back! I looooooove your games. Whatever becomes your next project, i will play it. 

Horrific and ridiculous, I absolutely loved it!

Really fun game love the dark humor that it has i would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quick fun game! 

Added to my favourite games ever

Hi! This game is really good. I put on my channel too to share for all :)


Hey! Played your game on my stream a few weeks ago and finally made a vid! Was super fun, thought the animation style was funny, and the ending did catch me off guard. I still want to know why (*spoiler*) he grandpa's head was in the shower wall XD (*spoiler*). Please continue making these!


ngl, this games pretty ass

The dark humor and the entire setup/presentation of the game is amazing! I enjoyed Deathflush even more than your last game. I hope you make more!

Worth a play! Got some nice short puzzles and even a mini boss battle at the end! If you don't want to play it and would rather watch, I did a let's play on the game if anyone wants to check it out!

If I had to describe this game in one word it'd be "PERFECTION". Be sure to check out the vid I made for it on my YouTube, AMAZING JOB DEVELOPER KEEP CREATING GAMES!!!

between the halo energy sword toilet seat that the killer uses and the skinned man rotating on a hook by his anus, I had a hard time picking my favorite thing about this game.
Well done.

this was such a fun game lol. there was so many poop jokes. i think hes going to be the new riddler 


poopoo + scary = the perfect game? -yub


This game is just as ridiculous as it sounds! It did surprise me a few times and made me laugh more than I expected. very good indie game, well worth checking out


poopoo game u-u

Well. I went for this. What an experience hahahaha

Three Weird Games #1



Such a bizarre game, but I love it.  I never really played the PS1 but there is a certain charm to this style of graphic.  I found the puzzles to be challenging but fair.  A very enjoyable game :)  Thanks for creating.  

I had no words... Death Flush starts at 08:38.

This was the last game I played in this video and honestly it was such a great experience, just silly all around but really well made
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