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SAME s1rlantr1j

im shitting myself

Interesting retro style horror game with plenty of bathroom puns while you solve puzzles and hope you may want to use the bathroom long as you can escape the killer. Cool game! 

This game was funny, and had a lot of toilet humor. It would mean a lot if my video was checked out. Feedback, would be great

GOTY 2024


pretty hard game i have a headache now-jay

i hate the woahs they drove me insane-lily

it was good while it lasted-duckle



Hey, man

You make very atmospheric and unique horror games. I fell in love with both your projects, and especially with the Death Flush. It's a real candy among the typical and boring horror stories. You proved to me that a spooky game can be bright and colorful and also cause creepy feelings. You definitely should continue Your work, man. 


fix the mouse sensitivy


One of a kind developer, I hope they come back and drop more creations.

With a game this weird you know its a masterpiece

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I really loved this game, it was so stupid and fun.

Here is my german playtrough, I really enjoyed it.

Here is my playthrough of Death Flush, clipped from my livestream! Hope you will enjoy!

I thought this was good fun, and a laugh! it was recommended to me by a few people. I chose to live stream it! I had a little issue where when I pressed ESC and then press E by accident, the game basically stopped working. I managed to play the full game! The game is at: 49:00


To me, it is a good game, i watched some youtubers play this game.

this game was fun and the puzzles were nice overall a 12/10

good funny short horror game 


"Loved playing this, as well as M Stain. I've been hoping to see more from you the last couple years. Any new projects you're working on? Any other pseudonyms you're under? Thanks for your creative work, it's well enjoyed.

"Would love to see more!" -

WOW! Fantastic Game! Funny AND Creepy TOILET DADDY:) 

This was a lot of fun, I loved the environmental puzzles and story telling! The Nightmare on Elm Street and Silent Hill influences are apparent (even without reading the description,) but in the best way possible. Thank you!

"It's Bread"

poo poo pee pee stuff :D nice game!

Cool game, Nice atmosphere!!!

funni scary poopy game

This game went incredibly hard. Thank you for this
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O nível mental para escrita do roteiro desse jogo deve ter sido absurdo. Aguardo continuação.



This is a good game to me, WTF

I'm really sorry that I didn't see this game come out, but it's really good) I've already played games from this author, such as the game about M. Stein, and they were very.. unusual. This one is the same too. There is obviously horror here, but the most juice is in the trash (in a good way) plot, which refers us to the typical horrors of the 80s and 90s. And, in general, I definitely liked the game. True, I still did not understand how it is normal to fight the toilet maniac at the end, but, in general, everything was fine, definitely like it.

this is so good! keep up, bud!

Bonkers game, loved it.

Really fun game ! Thanks for this ! :D

LOVED THIS ONE! By far my favorite find on itch to date. This was soo good!

Great game! A bit crazy, but very fun hehe. I'm an English Teacher in Brazil and I am currently looking for games to work in as a translator! ENG - PT BR.

Check out my stuff!

- Alex <3

Hey this is 

Hey ths is my gameplay

Отличная игра. Весёлая

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful

this game was very creative and fun bro. GGs

I actually played this a while ago but here's my playthrough. 

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